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Updates and Upgrades

Post: April 8, 2019

Educators that have been with us for a while have seen our updates and upgrades over the past 18 years, but have they been through a total overhaul like the one being released this summer?

During the Summer of 2018, discussion began internally about what changes and updates needed to be made to the program content, as well as to the function of the program itself. So we created a wish list, and over time the wish list grew so big that we weren't talking about just adding a few features, but instead completely overhauling the entire system. Before we knew it, we were on the phone and emailing back and forth with the IT department to see what our options were. By September we had a firm plan and got to work behind the scenes.

Not only will we have our normal Learn File and curriculum updates released this summer, but we will have what will appear to be a brand new product!

The Educator Control Panel will receive its first cosmetic update and will include new features such as:

  • Pass/Fail rate reports: This function will be brand new and will allow educators to get a better understanding of their students' strong and weak areas.
  • Set number of test attempts: This feature will allow educators to set a maximum number of times a student can take a test if the educator chooses to leave the test permission open.
  • Automated progress reports: The educator will have the ability to set the level of detail and frequency of progress reports that will display a particular student's progress or the progress of the entire class.
  • Graded quizzes: The quizzes will no longer be considered a "completion grade" and will be multiple choice.

The Student Learning Center will also have a more streamlined look and layout and will include new features such as:

  • Updated videos: Sub-section videos will be in an MP4 format and will run a lot smoother (this is the same style that YouTube uses).
  • Video stopping point: Students will be able to resume a video where he/she left off instead of having to fast-forward each time.
  • Study Aids sorting: Flash Cards will not only have the option to sort by brand or generic name, but by sub-section as well.
  • Shuffled answers: Questions will not have the same letter choice each time it is presented to the student, avoiding memorization and promoting better understanding of the material.

The biggest change of all is that the newly redesigned product will function on a cell phone with a screen as small as the iPhone 5s!

The features presented in the bullets above are the most notable changes, but there are many others as well that are designed to streamline the use of the product. It will take everyone some time to get used to, but this total overhaul is designed with today's student and educator in mind.

Keep an eye out in the next few months for a side-by-side comparison of the current look to the new one!