Our Success Stories

Educators and former students share their success stories about using PassAssured's Pharmacy Technician Training Program.

Chad W | RPh and Retail Pharmacy Owner

"PassAssured is the easiest and most cost effective way for me to ensure that my technicians are trained and able to pass their certification test. I have yet to have a tech not pass their exam on the first try. Highly recommended!"

Dabeyva D | Pharmacy Technician

"After failing the PTCB exam twice, I turned to PassAssured and passed the PTCB exam on the third try. PassAssured gives you all of the up to date pharmacy world information that you need to know for the PTCB exam."

Joan T | Retired State Leader for Health Science

"The PassAssured Pharmacology for Medical Careers program is a self-paced, on-line course that lends itself well to a variety of instructional methods. PassAssured provides teachers with professional development opportunities as they learn to create, facilitate, and monitor this on-line pharmacy technician course. The course is designed to prepare high school seniors for a pharmacy technician career. Topics include federal law, medication used in major body systems, calculations, and pharmacy operations. Math skills are definitely reinforced in this course, which is a benefit to any health professional. Curriculum is updated as changes occur in the industry and as new regulations are enacted. The goal of the PassAssured staff is truly to meet the learning needs of students and to support teachers in the process. The certification this course affords offers many opportunities to graduates as career pharmacy technicians or as students pursuing health care degree programs."

Margaret S | Retired Educator

"In 2002-3, I found myself challenged to take over a flagging health science program in a medium sized town in Texas. It was the start of a great adventure. Within two years we had grown to the point we had to look beyond the basic program and begin offering more classes. I became interested in a pharmacy tech course after visiting an introductory session at our summer training meetings and spent quite some time at the booth for PassAssured. There I met the originator of the program who is a pharmacist. I was able to convince the district to adopt the program for one year. Students who took the program seriously all passed the certification exam, even one student who I thought could not do it. Then, we were off and running. We went from having maybe 12 students a year to having 45 one year.

"The staff was always willing to listen to my concerns. I have watched the program update and perfect it's offering on a constant basis. The games and tests, added in later years, were perfect to help even low academic students be successful. It approached learning in a way that reeled them into learning. As we grew we were gratified to be able to have a way to cut expenses by entering a contractual level with PassAssured. The contract allows an unlimited number of students per year to take the course online. It not only cut the expense of paying per student but also allowed teachers at what is now an early college medical school the ability to also take the course to enable them to relieve the Pharmacy Technician teacher. PassAssured keeps up to date with what is happening in the state and country and has kept me informed. Their program is innovative, supportive, economical, knowledgeable, teachable even for a novice, and constantly changing as does our pharmacy science."

Naomi H | Educator

"I want to share with you why PassAssured is special to me...It is because your curriculum was one of the first influences that impacted my daughter's future. Over 8 years ago, my oldest, Ashley, was a student with interest in health science at McNeil High School, but unable to fit the senior level Pharmacy Technician class into her schedule due to making the dance team, The Majestics.

"I decided to purchase your program for her and she worked on it throughout the semester. I remember driving her down to Austin to take her Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam somewhat against her will....she didn't feel 100% ready. I made her go since it was scheduled and paid for. She came out happy as can be with a passing score.

"She went off to the University of Houston for her pre-pharmacy and then to Texas Tech Abilene Cohort for her PharmD. She just started her 2nd year working as a Pharmacists. She worked as a Pharm Tech all through college. Little did I know when I bought her the PassAssured that we would have such a journey and so proud of her hard work and success.

"I was the first one from my family to receive a college education and now she is the second one.....and took it over the top with a doctorate degree!! I wanted to share this so that you can know the impact your program has on others!!"

Terri R | Educator

"I appreciate the excellent customer service each time I call your company for assistance or with a question. No run-around, leaving messages, or being placed on hold. Always real people to help. Not to mention the help the program provides my students. If they use the program as designed and intended, passing the PTCB is no problem. Thank you for the excellent product!"