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Passing the Interview

Post: June 1, 2018

If you read "Building Your Rèsumè" in our last blog, the next subject-matter that follows is interviewing.

Our first impressions usually leave a considerable amount of positive or negative effects. Therefore, when going on an interview it is important to dress well such as in a suit or dress. It is inappropriate to wear jeans with holes, tank tops or flip flops and cover tattoos as much as possible. We know your appearance has nothing to do with the fact you are qualified for the job, but looking professional will impress upon the prospective employer. Going the extra step and putting forth the effort with confidence will impress your interviewer. How you appear will determine how you are considered.

Be sure to greet your interviewer with an attitude that exudes confidence:

  • A firm hand shake
  • Speak clearly and at a good level
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Address the person as Mr. or Miss or Mrs.
  • Wait to be asked to take a seat
  • Maintain good posture for the duration of the interview
  • Be modest

Your body language will also be loud and clear to the interviewer. Therefore, smiling is proving that you want to be there. It will give them a reason to smile as well. There is no reason for you not to enjoy this time and take advantage to use this as a networking opportunity.

Employers take into consideration that your effort is great just for showing up! Be attentive and it is imperative that you listen. Answer with precise answers and no looking in your lap or around the room. Look directly at the person you are talking to. If you do not know an answer, just say so. Be sure to speak in a positive tone and never speak negatively - you do not want to burn a bridge.

The focus is on you! The interview is all about demonstrating your knowledge and skills to be what this employer is looking for!