Employer-Based Training

While employer-based training is an option in most of the United States, some boards of pharmacy have specific requirements that must be met to use the Pharmacy Technician Training Program.


In Florida, aspiring technicians who are not attending a secondary or post-secondary program are required to complete on the job training to qualify for registration with the Florida Board of Pharmacy. After securing employment in a pharmacy, an individual may purchase PassAssured's Pharmacy Technician Training Program through the Florida Pharmacy Association's website.

Individuals must successfully complete the course within six months. After successful completion, a Certificate of Completion will be issued; the cost for this Certificate is built into the purchasing price of the FPA.


Aspiring pharmacy technicians in Indiana must complete 160 hours of experiential training under the supervision of a registered pharmacist. In addition to these hours, the individual must complete the check-list found in the Student Learning Center of the Pharmacy Technician Training Program. Once the initial requirements have been met, the individual must sit for either the ExCPT or PTCB national certification exam.

Completing these requirements will allow individuals to register with the Indiana Board of Pharmacy as an employer-based training program.


Aspiring pharmacy technicians in Louisiana have several options for eligibility to register as a pharmacy technician candidate. PassAssured's Pharmacy Technician Training Program qualifies for "Option B": the individual has a high school diploma and holds either an ExCPT or PTCB certification. The individual must then earn at least 600 hours of practical experience in a Louisiana pharmacy to apply for pharmacy technician certification. Taking PassAssured's Pharmacy Technician Training Program will prepare the individual to sit for the national certification exam.

Click here for complete details from the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy.


Aspiring pharmacy technicians in Ohio may train to become a pharmacy technician through an employer-based training program. PassAssured's Pharmacy Technician Training Program meets the didactic requirement for on-the-job training.

For more information and to purchase the program in Ohio, click here to visit the Board of Pharmacy's website.