About Pass Assured

With over 250 years of pharmacy experience present during our review cycle, we are confident our product is simply the best training system for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians or potential pharmacy technicians.

Who We Are

David Dubose, RPh guided PassAssured into existence when Texas became the first state to mandate the pharmacy technician certification requirement on January 1, 2001. In an effort to meet the new state requirement, David co-developed a pharmacy technician training program to be used at Lamar State College-Orange. The solid program was producing qualified pharmacy technicians; however, the urgent training was not reaching the masses. Thus, PassAssured was established.

After a two-year trial period of the program using small private tutoring sessions, the process was fine tuned. The PassAssured training system took another two years to convert into a multimedia product. With the resounding success of the CD-ROM Pharmacy Technician Training Program, PassAssured introduced a web-based content delivery system in 2004. After assertively developing a product to serve the pharmacy industry and meeting the ever-changing national requirements, we went totally online in 2014 and stopped sales of the CD-ROM version.

Our Goals

PassAssured has increased its presence in the retail, employer-based training, secondary and post-secondary education markets. The goal is to continue to assure all our customers have access to the most advanced training system possible.