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Big Changes Ahead

Post: November 6, 2019

January 1, 2020, not only brings about a new year and decade, but requirements for pharmacy technician certification as well.

Previously, both national certification agencies required a high school diploma to sit for their certification tests. Then they changed the requirements to be 30 and 60 days before high school graduation.

In late February, PTCB issued a press release explaining the two pathways that aspiring pharmacy technicians can become certified. This opened the door technicians who may not have completed high school to become certified.

So what are these two pathways?

According to the press release, "Students who complete a PTCB-recognized education/training program will be eligible to apply for, and earn, their CPhT credential starting in 2020. As an alternative, PTCB will offer a second eligibility pathway based on work experience for technicians who have completed 500 work hours and attest to fulfilling specified knowledge requirements."

To break it down: a high school diploma is no longer required to sit for the PTCE. This allows juniors – and potentially even sophomores – in high school to sit for the national certification exam. It also means that Sally, who has worked in the pharmacy for years, can sit for the Exam without completing a formal course.

With that stated, these new requirements do not override state requirements for registration. If a state board requires a high school diploma or has a minimum age, then the individual must meet those requirements. Some states, like Florida, require that you must complete on-the-job training before registering to become a pharmacy technician.

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