Our Program Student XL Edition

The only interactive multimedia presentation on the market. It's compelling and easy-to-follow, complete with audio, video, and graphic presentations. Realistic practice tests will let you know when you're ready for the real thing.

Our lesson plan walks you systematically through every topic required for certification. Our extensive test database makes you comfortable with the questions you'll be seeing on the national exam.

Powerful learning

This extended learning training package offers you a rich multimedia experience packed with all the vital information you need to qualify for the pharmacy technician certification.

Open our Learn Files and you step into a real world learning environment that provides the student with 240 hours of curriculum. Self-paced, this multimedia training method delivers an accurate representation of the study material.

Created in a working pharmacy, it illustrates actual duties of a pharmacy technician from greeting customers to performing basic aseptic techniques. Easy to follow animated calculation illustrations clearly demonstrate methodologies for solving math equations.

The video coaching and seven and a half hours of audio blend with over 2500 images enables the student to fully absorb and retain the course work.

Powerful Testing

Our unique web-based testing system utilizes a step by step "earned" approach that rewards the student's successes by opening them to greater challenges as they move to higher levels of learning and testing.

From the basic section to the comprehensive exams, our testing system is designed to enhance and promote the highest student retention levels.

The Student XL Edition is the ultimate learning experience.

Powerful Control

The educator has secure access to automated facilities to administer the class. Facilities include automated test grading systems, the ability to grant/deny student access to exams, and a process for viewing all student activity.

The Educator Control Panel was developed by a panel of educators with over 100 years of classroom experience. This feature rich facility enables the educator to administer all aspects of student activity.

Our built-in messaging system only allows messages to and from the educator and the student or students. Students are not allowed to send messages to another student. Additionally, our messaging system is not email, so viruses are not a concern.